Your team's automated task generator

Product and Engineering teams no longer have to spend many hours creating meaningful tasks.

Evolve your team's workflow

Streamline your task creation process and focus on delivering high-quality products.

Crafter is giving teams up to 15% of their work time back.


 Deliver 2x your project output

From document upload to seamless task generation, our integration into your workflow brings a new dimension of efficiency.

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Upload your document

Crafter offers multiple convenient methods to connect your documents either as PDF, Word, or Google drive link.

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Document analysis

Crafter analyzes your documents, extracting key details and automatically generates actionable tasks for your team.

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Task review

You can review your tasks and instantly sync them to your Jira project or export them as a CSV for other project management tools.

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Acceptance criteria

Document analysis goes beyond identifying basic features and functionalities. It focuses on extracting information relevant to your project's acceptance criteria

Your AI-powered workflow assistant

By seamlessly integrating with your existing workflows, Crafter becomes more than just a tool.
A valuable partner in your product development journey.

Enhanced focus and productivity

Work smarter, not harder, and deliver projects more efficiently.

Understanding of requirements

Gain insights into technical specifications and project requirements extracted from documents.

More time back

Spend less time on administrative tasks like ticket creation and focus on building and strategizing.

Frequently asked questions

We've compiled a list of the most common queries and concise answers to help you get the most out of Crafter.

What is Crafter and how does it help my team?

How much time does Crafter save me from creating and managing tasks?

How does Crafter ensure the accuracy and completeness of the extracted tasks?

How can Crafter help me understand the technical aspects of a project?

Supercharged task generator

We streamline the process of generating meaningful tasks for you and your team. Simply upload your documents and let your AI assistant handle the rest.