Unleash your team's potential

Eliminate the need to manually create tasks. Crafter makes it easy for your team to kickstart their project.


Save time creating tickets for your projects

Create meaningful tasks in minutes and get to work right away. You can copy your tasks into your issue tracker or land them in Jira directly.

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Task review

You can review your tasks, or choose to download your tasks as a CSV file. If you have Jira integrated to Crafter, you can choose to land these tasks directly into your Jira project.

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Acceptance criteria

Document analysis goes beyond identifying basic features and functionalities. It focuses on extracting information relevant to your project's acceptance criteria.

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Document analysis

Crafter analyzes your documents, extracting key details and automatically generates actionable tasks for your team.

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Upload your document

Crafter offers multiple convenient methods to connect your documents either as PDF, Word or Google drive link.


Focus on building.
Let Crafter handle task creation.